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Why You Should Consider Double Sinks in the Master Bath

His and hers sinks: a necessity or not so much?

If you look at most master suites, you’ll find a his and hers sink in the bathroom. Why? Because typically two people share a master bedroom, and the luxurious nature of a master suite would be compromised if both had to cram themselves over a singular sink to do their daily hygiene business.

But there’s more to it than just that—and there are good reasons to have his and her sinks no matter the size or luxuriousness of your master bathroom space. Even the most modest spaces would benefit from having a sink that’s solely reserved for the lady of the house. (We’re a woman-owned business—of course we’re going to give it to you straight from the woman’s point of view!)


Let’s start with the fact that so often, women don’t have their own space. This is especially true if there are young children in the home—even mom’s purse becomes a place to stash extra diapers and toys. The same is true in the home: the stuff of life encroaches on every space, crowding out a spot that a woman can call her own.

When that happens, it eliminates her ability to retreat to a spot that is just hers—a place reserved to hold things that bring her joy because they’re pretty or because they make her life easier. Without that space—even if it’s only a partial spot on a shared bathroom vanity—it’s hard to truly relax and recharge. But having a space we can call our own--even a space as small as a bathroom vanity and sink--can do wonders for our mental health and happiness.

There’s also a practical question of storage space. A single vanity has considerably less space to store bathroom essentials—and if you lack a bathroom closet, that’s even more challenging. Having two sinks automatically means having a larger vanity—and that means more storage than a space with one sink.

Then there’s the matter of time: having two sinks saves time. There’s no waiting for someone to finish brushing their teeth so you can put on your makeup if you have a sink that no one uses but you.

Finally, there’s the issue of resale value. While it’s always a challenge to determine which improvements will guarantee a high return of investment, the fact that the majority of homeowners expect a double vanity in the master suite makes it a smart improvement to consider.

Of course, there might be instances in which it seems impossible to install a double sink. But before you assume that, reach out. If not to us, then to another kick-ass contracting and design team. So often our clients tell us that they never could have imagined how amazing their space was until we helped them create it—and we’d love to do the same for you!

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