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Amanda Lee

Amanda Adams had cred: she’s a licensed general contractor and a designer. Her portfolio includes commercial and residential spaces because she’s an expert in both. Looking for someone to handle tenant finishes? She’s got you covered. Want custom? Good—custom is all she does. Want a space that reflects you? Amanda lives, breathes, and redefines what it means to create a home. Vivacious, determined, ambitious—she doesn’t stop. Period. Her clients’ goals matter to her just as much as her own, and she’s poured a lifetime of real estate know-how, creativity, and insight into building a business that builds mind-blowing, awe-inspiring homes.

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Amanda Lee Logo.png

Ashley Kellner

Ashley Kellner is a born creator with a knack for color theory, space planning, and finishes. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, because before she knows how to create your perfect space, she has to understand what isn’t working. So she listens. She thinks. She finds solutions others haven’t thought of to turn your boring, functional home into one you never thought possible. A proud mom of two boys and loving wife to her husband of 10 years, Ashley knows how important a home is to a family, and she stops at nothing to make sure yours suits you perfectly.

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