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Rising Trend of Stair Carpet

Unlike fine wine, home interiors rarely get better with age. Regular wear and tear and changes in design style and trends can often make you think it’s time to move to something new. Perhaps it’s time for a remodel? Sometimes, a simple change in floor covering can be all that’s needed.

Flooring Trends in 2022 – second verse, just like the first

House flooring, overall, is still very much about hardwoods in the main areas; however, vinyl flooring is getting closer and closer to the look of natural wood and stone, so we’re seeing vinyl start to make a comeback. Rumor has it that whole-house carpet might be making a comeback, but at this point, that’s just a rumor.

What’s the latest trend for stairs?

Though hardwoods continue to be the trend throughout the home, and oftentimes make a beautiful statement on stairs, it’s no doubt that stair carpet continues to be the winner in 2022! Stair carpet is very much a design statement to complement hardwood floors (and, let’s face it, to add a bit of interest).

Oftentimes a stairway is what your guests see first when they enter your home. Your stair design, as well as the coverings speak volumes about your home interior style.

At Amanda Lee Interiors, we love the stair runner look, overall! It combines form AND function, and we’re here for it. But, for active families with a lot of stair traffic, oftentimes full coverage is the way to go.

For stair carpet ideas and inspiration, check out this article found on House Beautiful.

We strive to bring your dream home into reality. We listen and understand what your family needs, with the goal of bringing your family’s needs to life while staying “on trend” with the latest and greatest designs and materials.

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