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Master Suite: Why You Want One

The words “master suite” sound grand, and for good reason. When you think of your home and what each room in the house is used for, a master suite is special. Traditionally the space reserved for the heads of the household, it can function as a place apart from the rest—meaning, if done right, it can be a private and nurturing oasis even if the rest of the home is full, busy, and overrun with things that belong to someone else.

A master suite is different than a master bedroom. The difference? A master bedroom typically has a larger closet or more than one closet and a door that locks from the inside. It’s also usually bigger, so it offers more space than the other bedrooms in a home.

A master suite isn’t just a bedroom. The most common definition of a master suite is a bedroom plus an adjoining bathroom, also called an en suite, as well as a larger closet (or closets) and a door that locks from the inside. So the basic difference between a master bedroom and a master suite is the adjoining bathroom.

But depending on where you live and the amount of space available, a master suite might also include a foyer, a sitting room, or a gorgeous feature like a fireplace. You might want a private balcony or a wet bar. Or how about a home office or a private library? Truth is, when you work with a general contractor and designer who understands how you want to use the space, you can create a space that’s perfect for you.

Having a master suite can make your life better in significant ways. Need a place to de-stress after work? Want to be able to read a book without having to listen to your kids’ TV shows? Value privacy and the option to tune out the rest of the world to focus on self-care or intimacy with a partner?

Truth is, a master suite you love can offer immeasurable value in quality of life and can exponentially influence how much you love your home. This is especially true of a master suite that you’ve planned and designed—because it’s tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your interests.

There are also other, more practical reasons to consider incorporating a master suite into your plans. Resale value is one: according to the website Houzz, having a master suite is the fourth most profitable remodel/improvement you can make to your home (the first three, in order, are your kitchen, additional living space, and curb appeal). In addition, number five on this list is the bathroom—which is part of the master suite.

According to Home Advisor, you can expect to see a 63% return on investment for a master suite—so this means that for every $100 you spend creating a space you love be spend time in, you’ll get an average of $63 back when it’s time to list your house for sale.

Pretty great win-win situation, isn’t it?!

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