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Let’s Talk Cabinets – to Frame or Not to Frame?

That is the question -- Size Matters (the answer)

If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel or a new home construction and trying to decide on cabinet style -- size matters! Kitchen and/or bathroom size, that is.

Frameless cabinets have quickly risen to the top of preferred cabinetry for looks, but for smaller kitchens and bathrooms, or for those wanting maximum storage, they are also a practical choice.

What exactly is a frameless cabinet?

This article on gives an excellent explanation of a frameless cabinet vs. a framed cabinet, and also offers some amazing cabinet inspiration.

Why Frameless?

Frameless cabinets, also known as European-style cabinets, have a face frame the covers the cabinet box, which leads to more space within the cabinet. Who doesn’t want more space? For larger kitchens and bathrooms, space isn’t necessarily an issue, but for smaller spaces (or for people who like a lot of storage), cabinet space is essential.

If your kitchen or bathroom has a lot of cabinet space and you don’t need extra storage room, framed cabinets offer more options and variety. For smaller kitchens and bathrooms, where every inch is essential, frameless cabinets are a better option.

I don’t care about space – Give Me Style!

Your choice of cabinet type could also depend on the look and style of kitchen that you want. Frameless cabinets are more contemporary and offer a more clean, modern look overall.

What type of cabinets are trending in 2022?

According to National Wood Products on, Frameless Construction took the top spot for cabinet design with 47% vs face-frame full-overlay construction at 44%.

Want our input? We’d love to give it to you!

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