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How to Ground Your Space

Have you ever wondered what makes a space look effortlessly perfect? Maybe the space isn’t even really your vibe; it’s boho and you’re elegant or it’s sleek and monotone but you’re jewel tones and dark woods. No matter the particular design aesthetic, there are things you can do to ground a space—and in turn, those things can make your space seem comfortable, safe, and the perfect mix of lived-in and perfectly styled.

What does it mean to feel grounded in a space? That might seem like a question with multiple answers, and that can be true—after all, one person’s comfort is another’s discomfort. But grounding reaches beyond personal reactions to a space and shares some elements that work, no matter the space or who occupies or works in it. We’re talking about elements that appeal to the senses.

Grounded spaces are neutral, in a way: there’s no distracting noise, it doesn’t smell funky, there aren’t eyesores that distract or displease. Grounded spaces also offer contrast: there are places the eye can rest but there are also places of interest (think art or plants or even your choice of furniture).

Lighting contributes to the grounding of a space. If you’re stuck in fluorescent light, that feels less grounded than a room with windows and plenty of natural light. Basements can feel uncomfortable for many reasons, one of which is how dark they can be without proper lighting. At the same time, you don’t want too much light. It’s vital to mitigate too much glare, for example, with shades or drapes that allow the space to be lit without that light becoming an eyesore (literally and figuratively).

One simple way to ground your space is to natural elements. Consider adding a throw rug over a hardwood floor, putting plants in a sunny corner, or changing up your window treatments to make sure the light hits just right.

Another way to ground your space is to clear some of it. It’s no surprise that cluttered spaces can make people feel anxious or disconnected; by streamlining what you place in your space, you eliminate stress and give the eye a place to rest. Both are important when it comes to creating a space that feels both personal and comfortable.

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