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Coffee [Bar], Anyone?

There is no denying that the popularity of coffee drinks and other caffeinated beverages has ushered in the rise of in-home coffee bars. And, just as there are endless varieties of coffee drinks, so too are the coffee bar possibilities.

For some, the coffee bar was an easy “add-on” to an already existing wet bar, but not everyone has the luxury of a wet bar, just waiting to be caffeinated. Adding to the already popular coffee craze, restricted living during a pandemic contributed to in-home renovation and construction projects that incorporate elements and spaces that help to better enjoy life at home.

We love how these spaces have added so much function to a home, providing a variety of ways to utilize the area. Not only can you invite friends over for cocktails, now you can invite them for a nice latte or cappuccino. Additionally, as with the recently completed project below, the counter space can serve as a nice buffet for dinner guests or family gatherings.

While the most convenient location for a coffee bar is the kitchen, many homeowners have a space away from the kitchen to gather and enjoy drinks and conversation.

Espresso Yourself

Coffee bars are relatively easy to create as a DIY. Sure, you will need to procure the star of the show – the cabinet. There are so many options to choose from in the popular home stores, yet these options are not without limits and can often leave you wanting for more. Another challenge of the DIY coffee bar is finding the space to set it all up.

How do you like your coffee [bar]?

Black, blond, flavored, brave. Coffee bars are like coffee drinks – the options truly are endless. We love to help our clients find the perfect blend of what they want in a coffee bar - from form to function. Even if you do not have a lot of space, we can help you utilize the space you have and transform it into the coffee bar of your dreams.


While coffee bar add-ins such as tools, flavorings and such are outside of our scope of coffee bar additions, there is no denying that most seem to favor their coffee with “add ins.”

You do not have to spend a lot of money on all of the fancy tools, but if those tools are essential to your perfect cup of Joe, then you’ll likely want them to be a part of your setup. There are far more coffee varieties than there are coffee bar accessories, but there is a lot to choose from. has an excellent selection of Barista tools to help you complete your coffee bar setup.

Ready to Bring Your Coffee Experience Home?

Whether you are looking for a simple addition, or a complete kitchen renovation, we would love to help you add a coffee bar to your home.


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