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Bathroom Remodeling: The Nitty Gritty

One might think a bathroom remodel would be both easier and less expensive than, say, a kitchen remodel or a basement overhaul. After all, there’s typically less square footage, and a bathroom has limited intended use when compared to a kitchen or another living area.

This assumption, however, is incorrect. While a bathroom might have a smaller square footage footprint, the planning and execution of a successful bathroom remodel is just as—if not more—time consuming as any other part of the home. And when it comes to expenses—well, let’s just say that, like always, there’s a range, but the median price isn’t exactly cheap.

Let’s talk budget first. The National Kitchen & Bath Association says to expect a budget breakdown in line with the following: figure 29% of your overall budget for fixtures and plumbing; 21% for counters and surfaces; 20% for labor; 16% for cabinetry and hardware; 5% for lighting and ventilation; 5% for design and miscellaneous costs; and 4% for doors and windows. Of course, there’s a disclaimer here: every bathroom, every project is different and these percentages won’t be true for everyone. But it’s a solid guideline of what you can expect/plan for as you get underway.

Planning, of course, comes first. How do you want to use the space? In a bathroom, this means evaluating if you’ll more often use a shower or a bath; if you need the bath to accommodate different abilities; how often you want to clean; etc. It also means thinking about how you want the space to look and feel. Do you want to replicate an upscale spa experience? If so, your planning will look very different than someone remodeling a bath for a family with triplets, for example. Working with your contractor to explain how you’ll use the space and how you want the space to look and feel will help that contractor design the right layout, choose the right materials, and come in on budget.

If you take a look again at the budget breakdown above, you’ll notice that while the important categories of products are included there (plumbing and fixtures, cabinetry and lighting), what’s missing is any indication of style or preferred aesthetic. Do you want a neutral palette or bright walls? Subway tile or hand-painted? A zero entry shower or a bath/shower combo? What kinds of storage do you need—and how much lighting is necessary, given window placement and individual needs?

Every bathroom remodel involves a few of the same elements: budgeting, plumbing, lighting, cabinetry, etc; but every bathroom remodel is different, too, because each project, when it comes right down to it, is about the people who occupy that space.

Want to work with a team that understands how to turn a not-right-for-me-space into a space you can’t wait to show off to family and friends? Call us. That’s what we do.

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