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Bathroom Design: The Zero Entry Shower

A bathroom oasis means different things to different people. Some want a luxurious bathtub; others want a spa shower. And some want both! Like any other room in your home, the bathroom can reflect you: your style as well as your lifestyle.

If that includes a shower—which almost all master bathrooms do—there are countless choices. Do you want a shower door or a curtain? A walk-in shower with a bench or an efficient, small shower stall? A shower faucet that mimics a rain shower or one that offers pulsating jets of water that mimic a massage?

Most modern remodels feature walk-in showers with glass enclosures, gorgeous tilework, and faucets that create a customized shower experience. One particular option that is popular—and with good reason—is the zero-entry shower.

A zero-entry shower is the open concept of showers: there is no “curb” that you’d find on a traditional shower. You can walk from the non-shower part of your bathroom to the shower part of your bathroom without lifting your foot.

This is a huge advantage to those with accessibility issues. The lack of a “curb” means that a wheelchair or other assistive device can be used without issue; but it also means that entry into the shower is effortless. You can just walk right in!

There are also design advantages. One is that the curb of a traditional shower can be distracting. It can also become hard to clean and turn into an eyesore. A zero-entry shower, however, gives clean lines. The lack of a curb means the eye can focus on other, more interesting, design elements—like custom tilework or a window feature or whatever it is that would make the bathroom perfect for you. And the floor, too, can become a focal point. Without the curb, the floor—the entire space, really—seems bigger than a traditional shower with a curb and a frosted door or shower curtain.

There are many reasons a zero-entry shower is one of our favorite bathroom features; but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. As a general contractor and designer, I know that the best shower is the shower that’s best for you—and the goal is always to create a space that you’ll love. So if you’re thinking about turning your old, boring space into a place you love spending time in, we’d love to talk you through the different options available to you!


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