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2021 Design Trends: Living Spaces

Every new year brings new lists: what’s hot, what’s not, what to avoid, and what to look for in how our spaces evolve and adapt to our everyday lives. 2021 is no exception, though there may be a twist: as we move into a second calendar year of living and working from home, limiting our time in shared spaces, and trying to keep life as normal as possible in the face of a global pandemic and political change, it’s no surprise that our homes and business will change to fit our current reality.

Because staying in is the new going out, look for living spaces to change to accommodate our need for both entertainment and comfort while maintaining style. One trend to watch for is entertainment spaces added to the home. While basements have long been used for game rooms, art studios, and such, the need to stay home includes the entire family—which means that design and function should also include the entire family. Watch for family rooms that feel like movie theaters, home bars with integrated tech that makes virtual happy hour easier to accomplish, and shared spaces with better, more comfortable seating options.

Of course, these family spaces need not be limited to only basement spaces. But if you’re looking for a way to maximize your space, starting with the basement can be smart. If your basement is currently unfinished, we can take that blank slate and create anything you want: an extra sleeping space, a killer home office, a fun rec room, a home gym, a craft area, a home theater, a meditation oasis…you get the idea, right? Sky’s the limit, even below ground.

If your basement is already finished, you still have options. Remodel to change both the function and feel of the space, and take it from dark and functional to light and enviable. Turn a storage room into a place for family to gather—or, if you need to, do the opposite. That’s the beauty of having both the space and a professional who knows how to build exactly what you want.

Basements aren’t the only living spaces that will likely change in 2021. In living rooms and family rooms, trends predict neutral colors with bold splashes of color, comfortable yet stylish furniture and accessories, and high-tech integration (see the inside of your fridge, while at the grocery store, from your phone). Don’t be surprised if spaces become more personalized—after all, we’re spending so much more time in our homes, it makes sense to make the space exactly how you want it, both from an architectural standpoint and an aesthetic one.

Ready to find out how you can create the space of your dreams, even if you can’t go anywhere? Call or email to get in touch. We’d love to add you to our list of happy clients.


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