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Is Wallpaper a Key Trend for Home Interior Design in 2022?

Though some don’t believe wallpaper ever went out of style, it is true that we believe we are seeing wallpaper making a comeback the last few years. Of course, prints from decades ago, if they survived, can look, and feel dated, and are. If you have any surviving wallpaper, contact us so we can get that fixed – ASAP! We believe that wallpaper as an interior design element will continue to be a great accent to your home’s interior.

What Kind of Wallpaper is Best?

Whatever your taste, there are wallpaper ideas for everyone, from traditional florals and trompe l'oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs.

What Wallpaper Is In for 2022?

According to Roman Decorating Products, “tropical and botanical prints are the leading trend for 2022 wallpaper designs.” Not only can these prints capture one’s attention, they are a fantastic way to bring the outside, in, which is also a trend we think will stick around for interior design. For more wallpaper style trends, check out this article on Roman Decorating Products.

Should I wallpaper the whole room or just one wall?

Wallpaper, like any home design element, should be an extension of your personality. With so many varieties of wallpaper, it is entirely ok to wallpaper an entire room if that makes your heart happy. Or go big and bold and just use it as an accent wall. One thing to keep in mind is that wallpaper can make a room feel visually overwhelming. If that is what you are going for, more power to you.

When selecting a pattern, texture, and color for your wallpaper, we are more than happy to help. We live for home interior design! There are also online tools that can help you narrow down the look you are wanting to achieve with wallpaper. Check out this room visualizer at A Street Prints.

Ready to create a statement wall or make a room pop with wallpaper?

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