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Is the Open Floor Plan on the Way Out?

Rumor has it that the pandemic has been affecting the layout of a home. We’re not speaking this into the universe or wishing it to be true, but it has become a hot topic in home construction as of late.

What is an open floor plan?

In general, an open floor plan is one that eliminates barriers between rooms, creating a more spacious feel. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as removing walls to create a Great Room or installing large windows to let in natural light.

Open floor plans are popular, especially among young families because it gives families (and friends) the opportunity to interact while preparing or serving meals and, of course, entertaining." As we say at Amanda Lee Interiors, - an open floor plan makes your home feel more connected and cohesive.

What’s the history of an open floor plan?

Homeowners have been tinkering with the layout of their homes since the first home was built. (Think Fred and Wilma didn’t think about their floor plan? Think again!) It wasn't until the early 20th century that the open floor plan began to gain popularity, so rest assured Wilma didn’t have an open floor plan on her bucket list.

The credit for the open floor plan is often given to German-born architect Rudolph Schindler, who designed several California residences with large, open rooms that flowed into one another. However, it wasn't until after World War II that the open floor plan really took off. With home construction booming and families growing, homeowners were looking for ways to make their homes more spacious. The open floor plan allowed them to do just that.

Today, the open floor plan is still one of the most popular home designs, thanks to its flexible space and airy feel. So, if you have a home with an open floor plan, remember you have Schindler to thank!

How has the pandemic affected home design?

The pandemic has been a boon for home design. With so many people working from home and continuing to do so after realizing the convenience, there has been a surge in demand for home remodels and construction. General contractors have reported record numbers of inquiries, and interior designers are busier than ever.

Even though it feels that life has somewhat returned to “normal,” people have prioritized their home life and are requesting “personal space.”

There’s a wall between us.

Personal space has become a thing over the past few years. Yes, most operations seem to be “business as usual” but truth be told – many have come to realize the benefits of working from home. From business execs to low-level employees, pandemic-level working has become a norm in many industries.

Do you need to build a wall? Let’s get started!

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